Drama Reel

Commercial Reel

Spanish Commercial Reel

Take Me Back (Short Film) National Geographic Channel

Moon Made (Short Film)

Certain Things (Musical) American Film Institute

Doormats (Short Film) Official Selection to the California International Film Festival

Motorola E5 Plus

Wal Mart

Turbo Tax

Just Cause 4: Escobedo Flies

Just Cause 4: Rico Look-A-Like

Just Cause 4: Insurance Claim

Just Cause 4: Prayer

Just Cause 4: One Man

MR. MESSINA | Episode Two

MR. MESSINA | Episode One



Enrique Bunbury (Music Video)

HD Radio (Host)

Jesse buys some raw selvedge denim... (Comedy/Improv)

Cabeau Travel

Hotels.com (Web)

Subway (Winner of MOFILM's SXSW 2015 Competition in Advertising)

Recurring            Mashable Studios (Comedy/Improv)


love sees no color

music "la espera" by gomba jahbari